The 5M Project is a creative development in downtown San Francisco designed to catalyze the innovative ideas that build our economy and strengthen our communities. It is a place that utilizes a collective need for innovation to encourage shared resources and ideas across traditional boundaries. Where artists, makers, students, changemakers, entrepreneurs, local food, and technology are coming together day and night. A place designed for people to be creative.

In the last two years, we’ve been assembling and connecting more than 2,000 creative organizations linked together at 5M through our partners: TechShop, Hub, SoMa Central, SFMade, Intersection for the Arts, Off the Grid and SOCAP, among others. Together, we are transforming an underutilized property into a vibrant place for community and innovation.

Over the next ten years, the four-acre site (between 5th, Mission, and Howard Streets) will become a mix of low, mid, and high rise buildings for living, working, and playing.