In one short year, more than 60,000 people have attended hundreds of open events at 5M. Thousands more use 5M as their regular workspace and a place to gather community. This all has been done through repurposing limited space on the property toward places for creative networks to grow and connect with each other in person. Every day, organizations and people at 5M exchange ideas, prototype and test new designs, attend inspiring events, launch companies, source funding and access new markets. We call it the network effect: Generating enormous value through shared resources for everyone who participates.

We’ve only just begun the process. As time goes on, we will exponentially grow the network effect at 5M. We envision a place dense with activity and people, gathered in authentic environments, igniting new ideas and connecting with diverse groups. It will spill out to the surrounding blocks and blend into the fabric of the city. We envision it behaving akin to an online network where more people and activity unlock more opportunity for everyone. A place that is always on and open for participation, where you can easily stumble across something inspiring that you never intended to find. This is what great cities offer us. Our goal is to enhance the potential of the city at 5M and in doing so, establish an urban model for strengthening community and growing local economy.