New development must go beyond form. Beautiful architecture can inspire and attract us, but it isn’t enough. Places catalyze innovation when they are built to contain the cultures and environments that help us be creative, productive, and connected — making and observing art, accessing new ideas, tinkering with our hands, joining a cause, discovering new opportunities… These experiences inspire us, trigger our creativity, and collectively supply fertile ground for the breakthrough solutions that our economy and communities need.
For new development to contain creative culture, it must be cultivated with its surrounding community. Without local participation, new buildings can become homogenous, disconnected, or underutilized. New development must be woven into the fabric of its community. It must co-create solutions that benefit the local economy and enhance what makes the community thrive — better public spaces, access to quality information and networks, training for tomorrow’s jobs, safer streets, and shared resources between the new and the established.