Skillshare Classes

WHEN: September 28, 2011 |
WHERE: The Hub SoMa, 925 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94103 |

The Hub brings you Skillshare Classes Series, peer-to-peer-led classes where you can learn anything from anyone. This session, learn about the relationship between cosmology and ethics, and why our new evolutionary cosmology demands a new ethic. This class will touch on the history of the Western worldview, the introduction of the scientific perspective and why it has failed to change our ethical perspective, and how to salvage meaning from the new creation story of cosmological evolution.


Our ethical systems in America and around the world aren't working. The generally accepted rules that we all live by are leading us down a path of planetary destruction. Why? What forms the basis of the question "how should I act in the world?" Why have our ethical systems failed to adapt to the global challenges we now face? And how can we erect a globally agreed upon ethic that will bring society back from the brink of destruction?