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Each month at 5M, there are classes, workshops, and events where you can access new ideas, build your community, connect with diverse groups, and discover new opportunities. In | APRIL | get the “skinny” on lean manufacturing with SFMade, learn new “how-tos” with Skillshare and Hub, hack ideas for a more creative economy with GAFFTA and Hub, and more…


Where Money Meets Meaning


SOCAP | ANNUAL SOCIAL INVESTMENT CONFERENCE | WHEN: September 06, 2011 - Friday, September 09, 2011 | WHERE: Fort Mason, San Francisco, CA 94123 | SOCAP Conference presents leading ideas in the social and environmental movements that are driving the creation of new economies that lie at the intersection of money and meaning. This year, SOCAP11 is asking the community to not just think about impact, return, problems and progress towards goals. We’re asking you to do the math and tell us what you see for this market’s future. At the intersection of money and meaning, what needs to be created, what needs to be put into action, what should the social capital market stand for?