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[HUB WORKBENCH] HUB Media Lab - Editing 101

HUB | WHEN: April 30th, 5:30 pm | WHERE: 925 Mission St | Details: This class introduces students to the craft of video editing and the basics of the movie editing software, Final Cut Pro 7. Students learn core editing techniques and workflow, as well as, the Final Cut Pro interface and basic tool set. This class includes hands-on practice with the software.


[HUB WORKBENCH] HUB Media Lab - Film Lighting 101

HUB | WHEN: April 23, 5:30 pm | WHERE: 925 Mission St | Details: Lighting is often what separates professional from amateur video production. In this hands-on class, students learn the basic principles of 3-point lighting for film and have the opportunity to practice what they’ve learned using Arriflex lighting kits.


[HUB WORKBENCH] HUB Media Lab: DSLR Camera Basics

HUB | WHEN: April 16th, 1:00 pm | WHERE: 925 Mission St | Details: There has been a revolution in recent years using Digital SLR cameras to make produce compelling images for film and video. In this hands-on workshop, students learn basic cinematography and composition using Canon DLSR cameras.