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[HUB Workbench] From Play to Innovation: Using the Science behind Play and Perception to Foster Creativity

hub workbench_playinnovation

HUB | WHEN: Dec 5th, 5 - 6 pm | WHERE: 925 Mission St | Details: The science behind play shows that it is one of the most effective mechanisms for facilitating communication, building camaraderie and fostering creativity. In this course we will be discussing current research findings on the benefits of play – what goes on in our brains and bodies when we play and how we’re not that different from spiky little wood pigs.


[HUB Workbench] Low Budget High Impact Communications

hub workbench_lowbudget

HUB | WHEN: Dec 5th, 1 - 2 pm | WHERE: 925 Mission St | Details: This class will teach techniques that can be used across a variety of platforms – whether you are doing a company presentation, pitching to an investor/client, preparing your press package, creating your website content or speaking at TED.


[HUB Workbench] Nonprofit Tune-up: Staying out of Tax Trouble

hub workbench_nonprofit

HUB | WHEN: Dec 5th, 1 - 2 PM | WHERE: 925 Mission St | Details: What should I know to keep our tax exemption? – How can I best manage our paid professionals (attorneys and accountants) and our volunteer board of directors? – How do exempt orgs get into tax and regulatory trouble and how do we resolve problems?