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Each month at 5M, there are classes, workshops, and events where you can access new ideas, build your community, connect with diverse groups, and discover new opportunities. In | APRIL | get the “skinny” on lean manufacturing with SFMade, learn new “how-tos” with Skillshare and Hub, hack ideas for a more creative economy with GAFFTA and Hub, and more…



INTERSECTION FOR THE ARTS | “Every generation or so, a new key idea (and buzzword) grips the imagination of an entire population of creatives,” Intersection for the Arts explains. In this recent post, they share how the new millennium has arts leaders deeply re-thinking location, both physical and virtual; as a vehicle equally for commerce and culture; in terms of architecture as well as inhabitants.


Redevelopment creates community through nonprofit


SAN FRANCISCO BUSINESS TIMES | Forest City’s experiment in unorthodox development at the San Francisco Chronicle property at Fifth and Mission streets, explains San Francisco Business Times, is taking a new twist with the establishment of a nonprofit that will focus on job and entrepreneurship training, as well as community and youth programs. The creation of “reflects Forest City’s deep interest in having the project be interwoven into the community,” Alex Michel, 5M Director, said.


Mapping, New Media and Civic Engagement


INTERSECTION FOR THE ARTS | WHEN: October 26th, 7:00 - 9:00 PM | WHERE: Intersection for the Arts, 925 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA 94103 | DETAILS: Innovation is social, and the best solutions arise from multidisciplinary teams where new ideas abound. Join us as we share winning-ideas from The Summer of Smart, an intensive, three-month experiment in urban innovation.




ARTPLACE | In an unprecedented private-public collaboration, 11 of America’s top foundations have joined with the National Endowment for the Arts and seven federal agencies to establish ArtPlace, a nationwide initiative to drive revitalization in cities and towns with a new investment model that puts the arts at the center of economic development. ArtPlace today announced its first round of grants, investing $11.5 million in 34 locally initiated projects. In San Francisco, CA, Artplace funding was granted to Intersection for the Arts and the 5M Project.




THE ATLANTIC | Depending on where you look, you could easily mistake the famed Media Lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for a robotics laboratory…or an architecture firm… or a computer-programming office…or maybe a hospital, Atlantic explains. The engineers, designers, scientists, and physicians who constitute the two dozen research groups housed there work in what may be the world’s most interesting, most hyper-interdisciplinary think tank. Researchers end up pollinating other projects with insights and ideas, within a hive of serendipitous collaboration.




NEW YORK TIMES | Technologies have become more highly sophisticated than they were during Jane Jacobs time. And “smart technologies” such as smart power grids, cyber security and intelligent traffic and surveillance systems are being further developed to make our cities “smarter.” Yet New York Times op-ed columnist Greg Lindsey considers, the smartest cities are the ones that embrace openness, randomness and serendipity, as Jane Jacobs herself observed. Can these characteristics be replicated by technology? Researchers seem to think so.


New neighbors creating ‘smart communities’

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SF GATE | SF Gate thinks of it as a sort of art-tech progressivism, based on what John M Eger calls Smart Communities - connected (through wireless technology), creative (supporting arts and culture, and collaborative (through civic engagement). A whole set of “smart” “progressive” arts, technology, and entrepreneurial organizations are moving in and remaking the San Francisco Chronicle building in an joint effort between Forest City Development Corporation and The Hearst Corp, owner of the Chronicle.


A new location means a Huge Step Forward

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INTERSECTION FOR THE ARTS | Intersection for the Arts announces that it is continuing its long standing tradition of dynamic evolution and is moving to a new location in Spring 2011. This historic chapter in Intersection’s legendary journey will open unprecedented doors for Bay Area artists and cultural activists and will prompt the design of a new, permanent, state-of-the-art home for Intersection for the Arts and its community. In true Intersection tradition, we are actively acknowledging that the world has changed and we are boldly responding and re-inventing!