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Jazz at Intersection: Ben Goldberg Quartet

IFTA | WHEN: April, 28th, 2 pm | WHERE: 925 Mission St | Details: Ben Goldberg – clarinet; Rob Sudduth – tenor saxophone; David Ewell – bass; Scott Amendola – drums The Ben Goldberg Quartet performs compositions from Ben’s recent projects, including songs from his recently released and highly acclaimed records Subatomic Particle Homesick Blues and Unfold Ordinary Mind.


Jazz at Intersection: Terrence Brewer & Citizen Rhythm featuring Joe Cohen

IFTA | WHEN: April 18th, 8 pm | WHERE: 925 Mission St | Details: Terrence Brewer – guitar; Doug Ebert – bass; Rob Rhodes – drums; Michael Coleman – keyboards; Joe Cohen – tenor saxophone Miles Davis, SouLive, and Cream get into a bar fight…it’s the closest imagery that describes the sound of San Francisco based music collective, Citizen Rhythm. It is the music of Mingus, Monk, Miles, and more fused with funk, hard rock, hip-hop, and odd-meter grooves.


Jazz at Intersection: Howard Wiley Quartet: I Love the 80′s

IFTA | WHEN: March 28th, 8pm | WHERE: 925 Mission St | Details: HOWARD WILEY QUARTET: I LOVE THE 80s Howard Wiley brings a new quartet to Intersection performing music influenced by favorite pop hits from the 80s. Howard Wiley’s grandfather, Sam Wiley, played saxophone in Count Basie’s Orchestra, and gave constant advice to the young musician growing up in Hercules, CA.