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Each month at 5M, there are classes, workshops, and events where you can access new ideas, build your community, connect with diverse groups, and discover new opportunities. In | APRIL | get the “skinny” on lean manufacturing with SFMade, learn new “how-tos” with Skillshare and Hub, hack ideas for a more creative economy with GAFFTA and Hub, and more…



FAST COMPANY | With Stanford University withdrawing it’s bid to establish a top-tier engineering school in NYC - is it New York that’s losing out in the innovation race?… or is it Stanford?… This article in Fast Company explains that New York City is in need of a design school, the likes of Stanford’s, but it’s Stanford that needs a city the likes of New York even more. With the focus of innovation shifting away from building better technology to creating better user experiences, engineers need to think more like anthropologists and artists - and look to the places where culture is constantly being defined - in cities.




STANFORD KNOWLEDGEBASE | “Failure can be a huge engine of innovation for an individual or an organization - the trick lies in approaching it with the right attitude and harnessing it as a blessing, not a curse,” writes Baba Shiv, Sanwa Bank, Ltd. Professor of Marketing at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Shiv describes two mindsets around failure: Type 1 is is fearful of making mistakes, Type 2 is fearful of losing out on opportunities. How can organizations shift from Type 1 to Type 2 thinking?