[HUB Workbench] Low Budget High Impact Communications

hub workbench_lowbudget

WHEN: Dec 5th, 1 - 2 pm |
WHERE: 925 Mission St |

Details: This class will teach techniques that can be used across a variety of platforms – whether you are doing a company presentation, pitching to an investor/client, preparing your press package, creating your website content or speaking at TED.

We are living in a world where Steve Jobs was a modern-day hero, Al Gore won an Oscar for his Inconvenient Truth presentation and the TED conference is the place everyone wants to be each year. Thanks to this leadership style, the bar for presentations that convey world changing ideas is set incredibly high. Clear that bar with grace and impact!

The goal of communications is to inform, inspire, and persuade audiences. If you have an idea that is worth spreading, then the way you choose to communicate can make the difference between gaining tracking and flopping. It’s important to make it easy for people to help you share your idea!

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