[HUB Workbench] Building Balance: Supporting yourself while red-lining your project

[HUB Workbench] Building Balance: Supporting yourself while red-lining your project

WHEN: Dec 12th, 5 - 6 pm |
WHERE: 925 Mission St |

Details: “Why I should take care of myself while working on my project ?”
“How to create balance in my life in order not to become miserable after 2 years on my project?
“How to understand what truly enhances my creativity and productivity?”

This class is aimed at entrepreneurs and early stage startuppers passionate about their projects and under tons of pressure to succeed. Choosing a meaningful dream occupation requires a lot of hard hard, play hard.Students will learn that this cliche ends up hurting their innovative skills and energy. Innovation needs care and discipline.
Lifestyle and discipline allow one to focus on oneself and in turn allows us to :
- give more to our community
- inspire people from our entourage
- makes us a better person
Tiredness and stress are over evaluated in the entrepreneurship world. Startuppers and freelancers should never forget that happiness is the key to building a great product. These skills helped us understand that happiness leads to success, not the opposite.

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About the Teacher: Axelle Tessandier

Startup advisor, Scoop it’s Evangelist, curator, thinker, reader, writer, sharer by instinct, veggie by choice, yogi by heart

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