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Building Access



Building Hours

Building Standard Hours: 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on weekdays (except Building Holidays).

Building Holidays: New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, President’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.


Tenant Company Employees


Building access is by electronically coded access cards. All Tenant Company Employees or Members must have a Chronicle Building issued access card to enter and move around the building. Entry doors from all lobbies and building elevators contain card readers, and you must pass your card by the eye of one of these readers to gain entry or operate the elevators.


Employees or Members of all Tenant Companies will be issued a building access card upon written request by their Employer or Sponsor Company. Requests must be submitted by e-mail to [email protected] and must be accompanied by a JPEG file passport type picture (showing the individual’s full face, no hats or bandana should be worn. A Copy of the Badge Request Form is located in the Forms Section of this Manual). If a photo is not available an authorized manager from the employer or Sponsor Company may bring the Individual to the 901 Mission St. Security Desk on or before their first day of employment/membership to have their picture taken. All building access cards must display the individual’s photo.


Lost cards must be reported immediately to Security at [email protected] or (415) 777-7192 so they can deactivate your card. A lost card may be replaced upon receipt of written request by their employer or Tenant Company. The employer or sponsor company will be charged a $25 card replacement fee. (NOTE: Reporting a lost card does NOT automatically result in the $25 replacement fee, if the Tenant or Sponsor Company wishes to wait to request a replacement in order to allow the employee/tenant the opportunity to find the card, the replacement fee however will only be charged once a replacement card has been made. During the interim, the employee/tenant will have to sign in at the security desk daily and receive a Visitor badge. They will need to be escorted in and out until his/her badge has been replaced). Replacement card will be made and will be provided to the employer or Tenant Company.


There are responsibilities that come with the privilege of having an access card. If these privileges are abused, the access card will be revoked. There is a 48-hour waiting period (business hours), during which the employer is not granted access to the building at any time if such privileges have been revoked. In addition there could be up to $100 fine at the cost of the Tenant Company.


Temporary Visitor Badges


A Building Temporary Visitor Badge will be issued whenever a “Visitor” (Contractor, Vendor, Visitor) has been granted access to the building. All visitors must check in at the 901 Mission St. Security Desk and sign in on the visitor’s log. All visitors will be asked whom they are here to see. The security officer will then attempt to contact the individual being visited and the visitor will be asked to wait until their contact arrives to escort them. No visitor will be allowed to enter the building without a Visitor Badge and escort.


The Visitor Badge consists of two tags that lay on top of each other; Type of visitor (Contractor, Vendor, Visitor) and time sensitive bar strips. After a 24-hour period the bar strip will show through indicating that badge has expired and is no longer valid. The badge must be worn the entire time the person is on-site, if the badge is removed, crumpled, or damaged, the badge will no longer be valid. When the visit is completed, the visitor should return to the 901 Mission St. Security Desk to sign out.


Governmental Visitors


From time to time elected officials visit tenants in the building. When this occurs access to certain areas may be restricted and access to your suite may be required by State or Federal security officers to perform security sweeps. When this is required, Property Management will inform your company’s Official Liaison. Please provide all appropriate assistance to these officers.


When access paths or elevator traffic will be impacted, Property Management will inform your company’s Office Liaison as much in advance as possible. Please avoid the impacted areas during these times so that the disruption will be minimized.


Media and Film Camera Crews


From time to time television and filmmakers will want to bring camera crews into the building. Filming in the building is restricted in common areas and access for filming or documentation must be arranged with and approved by Property Management as we must be sensitive to the documentation of others information or ones likeliness to be filmed with out prior approval. For this access, the completion of a Location Agreement may be required in advance of their arrival on site. (A copy of the Location Agreement form is located in the Forms Section of this Manual.)


Authorized photographers, sound recording engineers or camera crews must be escorted at all times by a designated representative of Tenant group hosting said visitor. In some circumstances, Property Management may require a dedicated Security Escort. There might be a cost associated with the Security Escort, which is to be borne by the Tenant group.




Event sponsors are responsible for managing their event flow. Event attendee access may be handled either through the 901 Mission St. entrance, through the 925 Mission St. entrance, or through the 110 5th St. entrance. Events using the 901 Mission St. entrance or the 110 5th St. entrance will follow the normal Visitor process described above. In some cases it is helpful to submit a confirmed guests list in advance to Security so they can have the visitor badges printed out in advance to assist with event flow.  Event attendees using the 925 Mission St. entrance will be signed-in/directed by the Sponsors event staff and may required a dedicated Security guard to assist with event check in and flow.  Cost to be borne by the Tenant group.


Catering, Food and Drink


Tenants ordering Food and Drinks should direct the delivery to the entrance nearest to their suite and respond quickly to their arrival. Building Security does not accept these deliveries, but will attempt to contact the appropriate individual or Tenant Office Liaison if they arrive at the 901 Mission St. entrance.