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Health & Safety

Medical Emergencies

If a member of your staff, a visitor or vendor should experience a medical emergency while at the Chronicle Building, please use the following procedures:

1. If the individual is experiencing a life-threatening event such as loss of consciousness, difficulty breathing or excessive bleeding:

  • IMMEDIATELY call 911 and request medical assistance at Chronicle Building, 901 Mission Street
  • Call the Security Control Center emergency number (415)-777-8000
  • Security will send an officer to assist until the arrival of the EMT and will escort the EMT team to your location
  • Please note in such cases EMT will take the individual to an appropriate medical facility.
2. If the individual is experiencing a non-life threatening event: 
  • Call the Security Control Center emergency number (415)-777-8000
  • Security staff are trained First Responders (Certified in First Aid and use of AED’s) they will send an Officer to assess the individual’s condition and gather information to assist in securing appropriate medical assistance.
  • The Security Officer will pass their assessment and the information gathered to the control center. Based on this information the Control Center will contact the appropriate support provider. Unless the event is one that can be addressed by simple administration of first aid, the control center will request that a paramedic team be dispatched. 
  • A Security Officer will remain with the individual and the Control Center will arrange for an escort for the EMT team when they arrive.
  • If the paramedics are called, the individual must be assessed by them prior to being allowed to return to work or allowed to leave the building.
  • Please note, if in the considered judgment of the paramedics, the individual will be at risk unless seen immediately by other medical professionals, they will transport the individual to the appropriate medical facility. In such cases the Security Officer will obtain from the paramedics the name of the facility where the individual will be taken, and will provide this information to the individual’s supervisor/manger or Tenant Company Building Liaison.
  • If the paramedics believe the person is not at immediate risk, and if the individual is conscious and coherent, they will give the individual the option to be transported to a medical facility. In such a case, the individual has the right to refuse to be transported by the EMT team.
3.    Each Tenant Company is responsible for providing the required number of appropriately sized first-aid kits per San Francisco Code and for keeping them stocked. Following a medical event, when items from one or more first aid kits are used, kits should be restocked as soon as possible.

4.    Each Tenant Company is responsible for complying with all local, state and federal accident and injury reporting laws, with regard to injuries that occur to their employees, visitors or vendors while in their suite or on the property.

Other Emergencies

SFPD Emergency – 911

SFPD Non-Emergency – (415) 558-3268

SFFD Emergency – 911

SFFD Non-Emergency – (415) 558-3403

Medical Services – 911

Syringe Disposal

Several medical conditions such as diabetes, hormone deficiencies, etc. may require employees to use syringes during their workday.  The disposal of these syringes in ordinary trash receptacles may pose a hazard to janitors and other employees. Facilities have installed specialized containers to ensure that waste syringes are disposed of in a safe manner. 

These specialized needle Sharps containers are closable, puncture-resistant and leak-proof and are labeled with a red biohazard-warning label.

All employees who use syringes for medical treatment while at work are required to dispose of them in the appropriate Sharps container. Sharps containers are located in the following locations at 901 Mission Street:

 Floor Location
 1stMen’s Room………..Central Hallway adjacent to Architecture Foundation of SanFrancisco/Suite 110
 Woman’s Room……Adjacent to Architecture Foundation of San Francisco/Suite 112 and US Mailroom
 3rdWoman’s Room…….SFGate-Corner of Minna/Mary Streets

A third-part vendor collects full containers for proper disposal and replaces with a new empty container. Questions should be directed to Security at (415) 777-7192.

If you locate a syringe DO NOT TOUCH IT OR TRY TO MOVE IT. Block off the area or stand next to the syringe (so no one else tries to touch it) and call Security and an officer will be immediately dispatched to retrieve the syringe.


Life Safety Awareness Requires Your Involvement And Can Save Your Life.

The Building is equipped with smoke detectors and fire sprinklers, which are smoke and heat sensitive. The detectors activate instantaneously when smoke or heat is detected.

A Life-Safety Communication System broadcasts emergency instructions to all floors of the building from the main control panel. Fire Extinguishers are located in the common area corridors and near each stairwell exit. When alarms and or strobes are activated, please have all of your staff vacate the building in an orderly fashion. Building Management and the San Francisco Fire Department will instruct you when it is safe to reenter the building.

The Building Management at the Chronicle Building welcomes your questions regarding Fire/Life Safety procedures.