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Filming/Photography Requirements

All filmmakers, photographers and crew that do not possess a building access badge must check in via the 901 Mission Street Security Desk and sign in on the visitor’s. The security officer will then attempt to contact the individual being visited and the visitor will be asked to wait until their contact arrives to escort them. To expedite this process you may submit names of the individuals in advance to Security so their visitor badges will be ready upon arrival.

Filming /Photography

Tenants have the freedom to document within their suites as they please.

Shooting in Common Areas

If by chance you care to use common areas in or around the building you must first clear this with the Property Manger.  This step is required as a consideration to protect the privacy of others and information.  You may be required to sign and Location Agreement prior to shooting depending on the impact to the property, location and / or if bulky equipment is involved. You may also be required to secure a security escort with in 48 hours of your shoot, depending on location preference and schedule.  All dedicated Security fees will be billed to the User.

If you feel that you will be doing multiple film or photography projects in common areas and around the property throughout the year you may want to sign a year-term Location Agreement to cover all projects, media visits and / or photography that will take place outside of your suite. This year term agreement and additionally insured endorsement will remain on file with the Property Manager and must be renewed each year.

If operating under a year-term Location Agreement, prior to your shoot you must submit an Exhibit A addendum to Property Manager.  The Exhibit A Addendum must indicate the production location, number of crew, type of equipment if applicable, security needs and timeline and turned in for approval no later than 24 hours in advance of the program for access approval.  All Equipment must be removed from the property at the time designated in the timeline and such load out will be completed by the time indicated in the submitted timeline. 

Outside Film Groups

For outside entities that are not affiliated with a tenant organizations Filming in the building or on the property must be arranged with and approved by Property Manager along with the submittal of the requirements listed below as far in advance as possible.  As a first step, you must fill out a Film/Photography Application form and submit to the Property Manager for review and approval.

  1. An approved and signed Location Agreement is required to be filed with Building Management. Along wit the collection of any fees if applicable.  When the immediacy of the request prevents 48-hour notice, the Property Manager and Security Manager must be informed as soon as possible.  This allows the Security staff to be briefed, so they can assist in providing appropriate access, schedule an escort if applicable and notify tenants of filming on the property.

  2. Appropriate levels of Liability and Workman’s Compensation insurance (See Events Insurance) from the Filming entity must be on file with Property Manager for the term of your Location Agreement.

  3.  An Intent to Film/Photograph Noticed must be posted in areas where recording will take place.

Load in of Equipment Notification

Written notifications are required for the load in of equipment that can not be hand carried by one individual through a standard doorway.  At no time can doors ever be propped open to load in items. These types of load in and or deliveries must be arranged with the Property Management Office at least 72 hours prior to schedule move. This will help to provide access to the approved/assigned load in area and/or freight elevator. (Freight elevator access is only available between 6 a.m. and 8 a.m. Monday through Friday. When the amount of time required on a given day is more than 20 minutes, a support service fee will be assessed. )

Building Protection

The production company and or film crew may be required to supply Masonite or other appropriate protection throughout all areas of the path of travel (loading dock, elevators, corridors and elevator lobbies) to ensure that the building’s walls, floors, doors and thresholds or special finishes will not be damaged during the production load in/out and shoot. Any building repairs necessitated by the production damage will be billed to the User.


All plywood, masonite, tape, pads, empty containers, cardboard boxes or mother production-related debris must be removed from the building by your production team. Please be aware, the janitorial staff can remove cardboard boxes provided they are, broken down and marked as trash, as well as regular garbage and recycling. If you need additional janitorial service support for your production cleanup, please request through GCAWare or if you are an outside entity please notify the Property Manager to make arrangements.
  All additional janitorial service fees will be billed to the user. (See Support Services for rates)



Representatives must keep all corridors, elevator lobbies and Fire Exits free of any debris or obstruction. You must conduct all Filmig activities in a safe manner to avoid accidents or injuries to any persons, to the building, or to the Tenant’s property.


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