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Special Projects

The 5M Project has many opportunities for Special Project installations in and around the property; Art, Fence Gardens, Performance.  Below are the steps to take for approval of such projects.

1. Provide the Property Manager with a proposal outlining your Special Project. proposal should include the following

  • Type of Project
  • Desired Location
  • Mounting methods (if applicable)
  • Type of Materials
  • Specs, Dimensions, Power Needs
  • Timeline - Install, Program Length, Strike 
  • Program Management 
  • Images/Sketches 

2. A Site User Agreement form may be required for any elements attached to the Property or held in or significantly impacting common space (e.g., basement, hallway, exterior of the property). The Use Agreement form outlines the insurance coverage required and details the responsibilities of the host organization, its suppliers, caterers, etc. This proposal can be submitted to the Property Manager Esther Ingrao via email [email protected] for approval.

3. All costs associated with the Special Project must be absorbed by the User and installation there of must comply with building Policies, Rules and Regulations.

4. All Special Projects that may require a permit must be vetted with the Property Manager for preliminary approval.

Download Proposal Example for Reference 
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