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Move Guidelines

The following guidelines are provided to assist you in preparing for a larger furniture delivery or office relocation.



Written notifications are required for deliveries of furniture, heavy equipment and any other large shipment. These types of deliveries must be arranged with the Property Management Office at least 72 hours prior to schedule move via email at [email protected]. This will help to provide access to the approved/assigned load in area and/or freight elevator. (Freight elevator access is only available between 6 a.m. and 8 a.m. Monday through Friday. When the amount of time required on a given day is more than 20 minutes, a support service fee will be assessed.)

Please DO NOT use passenger elevators for deliveries without prior written approval. Delivery time is limited to 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. unless otherwise authorized by Property Management. The Tenant must have a designated representative on-site to accept all deliveries.  Security and Property Management are not authorized to accept deliveries on behalf of Tenants.


Building Protection

The moving company will be required to supply Masonite or other appropriate protection throughout all areas of the path of travel (loading dock, elevators, corridors and elevator lobbies) to ensure that the building’s walls, floors, doors and thresholds or special finishes will not be damaged during the move.  Depending on the type of move the Property Manager may document prior to, and after, the move an inspection with the Tenant representative and the moving company representative. Any building repairs necessitated by mover damage will be billed to the Tenant.



All plywood, masonite, tape, pads, empty containers, cardboard boxes or other moving-related debris must be removed from the building by your delivery company/persons. Corridors and elevator lobbies are Fire Exits and must remain free of any debris or obstruction. Please be aware, the janitorial staff can remove cardboard boxes provided they are, broken down and marked as trash, as well as regular garbage and recycling. If you need additional janitorial service support for your move cleanup, not covered in your lease, please request through GCAWare.


Representatives must keep all corridors, elevator lobbies and Fire Exits free of any debris or obstruction. You must conduct all moving activities in a safe manner to avoid accidents or injuries to any persons, to the building, or to the Tenant’s property.


Property Removal

Office Liaisons should notify security when removing small-item furniture from property. This is to ensure safety and protection of Tenant’s assets.