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Tenants are responsible for security within their premises and should observe the following security precautions.

  • Report solicitors, suspicious or intoxicated persons to the Building Security at (415) 777 – 8000.
  • Ensure entrance and exit doors are monitored at all times by a receptionist or other appropriate personnel.
  • Ensure valuable and personal items are secured. Security officers are present in the building 24 hours a day.


Locked Premises/Tenant Security 

Engineering and Security are not authorized to open any locked areas for Tenants. All such requests must de directed and approved by the Property Manager. Sufficient authorization and photo identification will be required. The Building Staff will not unlock Tenant suites under any circumstance. It is recommended that Tenant’s reception doors remain locked during any hours when the front entrance area is not property monitored. Wallets, purses and other small valuables should be secured inside locked areas.

Suite Keys and Locks

The Property Management provides all lock and keying services for your suite. Some such services are at a cost to the Tenant. Please direct all inquiries to the Property Manager. Any locks modified by the Tenant will be repined at the Tenant's expense to comply with Building policy. Additional keys may be requested through GCA Ware.


In compliance with California Assembly Bill 13, smoking in building exit stairwells and other interior portions of the building is strictly prohibited. Smoking in these areas of the building is a violation of California State Law, the Contractor Rules and Regulations, and will not be tolerated. In the event an individual is found in violation of this policy, their name will be reported to the appropriate department of their company. Also, they and their company may be subject to the fines set forth in Assembly Bill 13; $100 for the first violation, $200 for the second, and steeper penalties for the third and subsequent violations. Smoking in the above mentioned areas creates air quality problems for the building and will not be tolerated. Please note that Security and Building Management patrol these areas on a regular basis.

If you observe an individual smoking in these areas please inform Security and Building Management.

The Hearst Buildings are non-smoking facilities. Smoking is prohibited on building roof tops. Smoking is only allowed on public property or designated smoking areas. City Ordinance requires smokers to remain at least 25 feet from any doorway and/or entrance of the Building. Smokers are also required to dispose of their cigarette buds in the appropriate receptacles. Individuals found smoking in prohibited areas will be fined $100. Subsequent infractions may lead to your loss of access to the building.  



All items found by employees or members should be turned over to Security at 901 Mission St. Lobby. They will keep item safe in Security Offices until the owner of the item(s) claims it.