[HUB Workbench] Heroic Imagination Project - Courageous Leadership Workshop

[HUB Workbench] Heroic Imagination Project

WHEN: Jan 25th, 10:45 am - 5:00 pm |
WHERE: 925 Mission St |

Details: We’d all like to think we would, but 40 years of social psychology tells us the odds are against virtually all of us acting on our values in challenging circumstances. 

Come learn Courageous Leadership: Learn the psychology of ethical decision-making in challenging situations and retrain your brain to consistently do the right thing under pressure.

Benefits of Courageous Leadership:

  • Reduced risk of misconduct & missed opportunities
  • Greater awareness & skills for values-based behavior
  • Increased collaboration & skillful, courageous communication
  • Enhanced engagement, well-being and resilience
  • Compassionate and high-performing cultures


Program Details/Highlights:

  • An evidence-based, highly experiential program designed to empower individuals and teams to consistently act on their highest values under pressure.
  • Builds Situational AwarenessSocial Fitness ™ skillsand Compassion
  • Uses the work of world-renowned social psychologist Phil Zimbardo, Dr Lynne Henderson, creator of Social Fitness Training ™ and the latest science of compassion.
  • Increases awareness of the power of social situations to influence even the most ethical and compassionate to easily betray their values, especially in business.
  • Explores how situational influences affect each participant’s own life, colleagues, and work environment.
  • Uses Social Fitness Training™, a team-building protocol shown to help participants identify and override their natural fear response in stressful situations.
  • Participants learn how to prime their brains for wise, courageous action by conducting “social flight simulations” including “courageous conversations” they can initiate to create healthy and adaptive individual and organizations patterns.
  • Cultivates personal and cultural compassion, shown to improve well-being and the ability to collaborate and take courageous action

Key Takeaways:

  • Consistently take ethically courageous action in challenging situations
  • Engage more fully, build social support, and skillfully voice divergent opinions,
  • Effectively challenge counterproductive behaviors
  • Enhance self-compassion
  • Create supportive, high-performance cultures

Current program participants include: Google, MIT’s Sloan School, Cal State Executive MBA School, Stanford Rock Center for Corporate Governance, The Markkula Center for Applied Ethics at SCU and Kaiser.

This program “had immediate utility,” “changed how I view others on my team”, and “significantly impacted how I collaborate with others to more effectively and immediately address challenging situations.”
–Google Participants


Through a generous grant by the 1440 Foundation, HUB members can attend this innovative workshop for $350 per person, 65% off the regular corporate rate.  We are only accepting 40 participants for this workshop so register today. For more info on the program or scholarship eligibility, please contact: [email protected].

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