Intersection for the Arts advances the Paradigm

IFA 5M Paradigm 400x200

Intersection for the Arts and Forest City Development have forged a unique partnership rooted in a shared belief that art and creativity realized through meaningful, inclusive, and collaborative places fuels vibrancy and facilitates positive change.

We believe that innovation is social. The change the world needs now happens when we are outside of our silohs - colliding with complex experiences, grappling with new metaphors, learning to participate in new worlds, understanding people who are different than us, having to find new ways to communicate and problem solve. The places we make - financial towers, strip malls, suburban campuses, megastores, sprawling parking lots, gray walls without art . . . spaces void of life - separate us from each other and make us feel paralyzed by their ubiquity. Through live performance, community-building, and the essential creative process, artists are the original innovators with unique ability to facilitate transparency, empathy, and inclusivity. Through our unique partnership, we are collaborating on The 5M Project. Read more...