MacGyver Night

MacGyver Night

WHEN: Nov 8th, 6 to 8 pm |
WHERE: 925 Mission St. |

DETAILS: Curiosity Atlas and 5M Project cordially invite you to channel your sexy über-geek in a high-energy, low-stakes evening of hands-on, creative fun inspired by MacGyver’s feats of imagination and intellect.
We will select challenges at random and design our way out of the jam using only the materials provided.
We’ll transform an ordinary object into something completely new. Think hands-on and resourceful, with a few fun curve balls along the way.


  • drinks and snacks to fuel your ingenuity
  • an outlet for your creative and destructive impulses
  • an opportunity to save the day
  • and your curiosity sated – for now

$25, get tickets here.

We’re keeping this “intimate” – only 25 spots – so don’t delay!

About Matthew Jervis
Matthew has retooled his years of experience spent as a punk rock front man and as an instructor in Bay Area public schools into a program designed to encourage creative leadership, build confidence, and exercise 21stcentury problem-solving skills. Matthew is a graduate with distinction of CCA, is currently the design Director for Common Sense Media, and is an adjunct Professor of graduate studies in Creativity at the Academy of Art University.

About Curiosity Atlas
Curiosity Atlas is a project to cultivate curiosity and hands-on engagement with the city. We’re a group of dabblers and dilettantes who believe life is best lived exploring, learning, moving, creating and connecting locally. We curate and produce unique, hands-on workshops and events in partnership with local experts, authors and entrepreneurs.

Get curious, roll up your sleeves and try something new.