Making Your First Hires: Best Legal Practices for New Employers

Making Your First Hires


WHEN: Sept 6, 6–8 pm |
WHERE: TechShop, 926 Howard St

DETAILS: SFMade in Partnership with Nixon Peabody LLP Presents:
Making Your First Hires: Best legal practices for new employers

Are you thinking about hiring your first employee? Have you hired some employees, but you’re not sure you’ve done everything correctly? Figuring out how to comply with federal, California and San Francisco laws can be mind-numbing. This workshop will give you everything you need to know about hiring employees and complying with all of the applicable laws and regulations. You will learn:

  • The difference between contractors and employees
  • The laws and regulations that apply to hiring employees
  • Which government posters you will need to post
  • The paperwork you will need to bring a new employee onboard
  • What you can and cannot ask on application forms and in interviews
  • How to do background checks legally
  • Whether to have an employment agreement
  • Whether to have an employee handbook
  • How to compensate employees in compliance with the wage/hour laws

Workshop Presenters: Marjorie Fochtman and Danielle Johnston, Nixon Peabody LLP

Who Should Attend:
Anyone considering hiring their first employee, and any company that already has employees, but has questions about compliance with the myriad of laws and regulations.

Cost: $30

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Photo by Alan Cleaver.