Next-Generation Work environments


SAN FRANCISCO BUSINESS TIMES | As property owners across the city bend over backwards to court hot tech companies like Salesforce and Twitter, one landlord has been busy turning them away, SF Business Times explains. In the 150,000-square-foot San Francisco Chronicle building at 901 Mission St., developer Forest City has created such a thriving community of entrepreneurs, artists, and innovators - and companies are banging down the door. “If you are confined to your own networks and people you work with on a day-to-day basis — the same group of consumers and the same group of partners — it’s not really going to help you find out what the next big thing is,” said Alexa Arena, visionary of the 5M Project.

As the office market recovers and developers start thinking about new projects again, the Business Times continues, 5M could shed some light on how the city’s next generation of office buildings might evolve. Over the past year, it has become clear that there is a disconnect between the office space that San Francisco has — mostly highrise office towers — and the type of open, creative work environment many fast-growing technology companies seek, according to Planning Director John Rahaim. The nicest creative space in SoMa is almost entirely leased, while many traditional office buildings are 15 percent vacant.
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