Off the Grid: Goldberg, Brown, Anderson

Off the Grid Music Performances

WHEN: Aug 10,  noon–2 pm |
WHERE: 5th and Minna |

DETAILS: Goldberg, Brown, Anderson, which began in 2007 in Oakland California, features the unique instrumentation of Alto Saxophone, Clarinet, and Drums. They recently performed at the Novara Jazz Festival 2012 in Novara, Italy. The group specializes in a unique form of improvisation which focuses on a subtle, continually expanding blend of shifting counterpoint and rhythm, inviting the listener to contemplate the spontaneous unfolding of melodic and harmonic structures. This approach explores the musical and intellectual legacy of masters such as Steve Lacy, Denis Charles, Ornette Coleman, and Thelonious Monk with the goal of creating something unique and new. As one fan stated at the groups Italian debut, the trio pursues the Advanced Tradition.

Ben Goldberg  clarinet; Sheldon Brown  saxophones; Vijay Anderson  drums

Intersection for the Arts curates live music and theater performances at the Off the Grid lunch market at 5th and Minna streets every Friday. Join us for this one-of-a-kind food and art experience.