Skillshare Workshop: Principles of Lean UX


WHEN: Oct 10, 6:30 to 8 pm |
WHERE: 925 Mission St |

DETAILS: This class is for people just getting into design, current designers, and anyone interested in learning more about the thinking and specific applications behind Lean User Experience. Starting with a brief lecture about Lean UX principles, then diving into a hands-on workshop where we will apply these principles and see them in action. There will be a brief Q&A at class's end.

We'll go over the emphasis on iteration and feedback and its de-emphasis on deliverables and documentation. Topics covered include lean startup thinking and where lean UX fit into lean startup thinking. We'll also cover the guiding principles of Lean UX, and answer the questions:

Who is involved?
How do we work together?
What do we do?
How can we be sure?


Photo by baldiri.