TechShop: Soft Circuitry Basics

Soft Circuity Basics

WHEN: Dec 12th, 6:30 - 9:30 pm |
WHERE: 926 Howard St |

DETAILS: This hands-on class introduces students to soft circuitry and the concept of soft and wearable interfaces.

You will learn the basics of electricity while building sensors and circuits using conductive and resistive fabrics, threads and notions. You will explore and use soft, flexible and wearable materials to build a color mixer LED bracelet, using a RGB LED, to wear/take home. In addition, you will have examples of soft sensors, materials and circuits to interact with outside of the bracelet you will make in class.

Some of the concepts that will covered: What makes up a basic circuit? What does soft circuitry mean and how can it be applied?

Electrical components and their soft handmade counterparts: Digital switch, variable resistor, fixed resistor, sensors, electrical traces and wires, and LEDs.

You will be provided with a source list of where to buy materials, a parts list for the bracelet, the laser file so you can alter and make additional color mixer bracelets.

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