Startup Finance Bootcamp


WHEN: Jan 12th - 13th, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm |
WHERE: 925 Mission St |

Details: This 2-day bootcamp is a hands-on, intensive course to provide entrepreneurs with “must have” insights in starting, building, and harvesting a successful venture. The course will follow the “life cycle” of a typical startup, from idea formation to fundraising, and provide the financial, legal, and business know how necessary to run and grow the venture.

By the end of the Bootcamp, participants will know what investors look for in a viable business model and financial projections, how to value their fledgling startup idea/business, and key negotiation points with investors.

For those desiring to start a transformative business now or in the future, this knowledge is critical to appear credible with investors, partners, and current/future team members.

While startup finance can be taught, risk taking and a “never give up” attitude is one of the most important traits of entrepreneurship, and is typically ingrained. Participants who possess these traits will get the most value from the Bootcamp.

Course Topics:

  1. Creating a Viable/Scalable Business Model
  2. Do’s and Don’t’s of Financial Projections
  3. How to Value Your Startup
  4. How to Seek and Negotiate with Investors
  5. Operating and Growing Startups – Understanding Your Unit Economics (Margins, Customer Acquisition Costs, Lifetime Value of Customers)

Sample Activities:

  • Two-minute elevator pitches and critique/Q&A on typical investor questions
  • Negotiation simulation with entrepreneurs vs. investors

Pre-Course Resources and Preparation:

A 1-page “Pitch” summary form developed by instructor will be sent to participants prior to the course. The form asks participants to outline their business idea, market opportunity, and financial projections. Additional reading materials will also be sent to participants prior to course.

About the Instructor:

Henry Wong, MBA, JD. Over the last 15+ years, Henry has been building companies as an executive, venture investor, and legal advisor. As a serial internet entrepreneur, Henry was founder and CEO of Rally Commerce, Adgregate Markets, and TotalVid. As a Partner with Novus Ventures, Henry was an investor in and served on the Board of Directors for AdECN, Inc. (acquired by Microsoft). Henry’s teaching experience includes entrepreneurship and finance courses at UC Berkeley, Hosei University (Tokyo) and Dominican’s GreenMBA program. He is a frequent speaker and author whose publications are included in the Entrepreneurial Finance Textbook(ICFAI Books, 2004).