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What is SFMade? Info Session

SFMADE | WHEN: September 20th, 6:00 -7:00 PM | WHERE: TechShop, 926 Howard Street, San Francisco, CA 94103 | An overview of SFMade’s programs and services and how SFMade helps manufacturing companies to succeed.


Taking things into our own hands


RE/CREATING TAMPA | We are in the middle of a manufacturing revolution, Re/ explains. “For those involved in this revolution, and those who watch culture along the fringes, this is old news. Mainstream America and policy makers, however, seem to be completely unaware of the revolution taking place… As long as this manufacturing revolution stays on the fringes it will have little economic impact. If we can harness it, support it, incubate it, we have the possibility of generating an economic boom akin to the Internet economy of the 1990s.”




TECHSHOP | SEPTEMBER CLASS LINEUP | Techshop offers a range of classes in Arts and Crafts, Autodesk (CAD), CNC, Electronics, Fabrication, Laser Cutting, Machining, Metal Shop, Textiles, Welding, Woodshop, and more. See the full class lineup


Campaign for 100% Local

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BAY CITIZEN | SFMade has a few talking points in this interesting article about the growing movement for locally made apparel in the Bay Citizen “In California, Campaign for Clothes 100% Local“, published on July 7th, 2011.


Exploring the world of industrial maker culture

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BOLD ITALIC | Dennis Yang ventures away from his world of HTML coding into the “real-world” of making things with his hands - and a industrial-sized laser cutter. The result? Wonderment, awe, a pint glass with his bother’s face etched in the side,  and a new perspective on the world.  “Every surface becomes ripe with opportunity,” he remarks. A laser-cutting opportunity in this case, but an eye for opportunity none the less.


Clinton recognizes Urban Manufacturing Alliance

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With support for local manufacturing gaining momentum across the country, SFMade’s executive director Kate Sofis (pictured left) was a key participant at the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) America conference in Chicago this week, where she announced the launch of the Urban Manufacturing Alliance, an initiative to form a national network of regional manufacturing efforts across major US cities, beginning with San Francisco and New York City.


The democratization of making and design

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WIRED MAGAZINE | AutoDesk and Techshop both want people to make things. And their partnership makes ‘making’ that much more easy and accessible for all. Know best for AutoCAD product, AutoDesk released a new product 123D, a free downloadable design tool that allows anyone to design 3-D models and build an entry level skills to graduate onto the more sophisticated AutoCAD. Techshop, a member-based DIY workshop, gives people access to over $750,000 worth of tools to make their ideas into reality. Autodesk is partnering with Techshop to have the new 123D software available in all Techshop locations.