Next-Generation Work environments


SAN FRANCISCO BUSINESS TIMES | As property owners across the city bend over backwards to court hot tech companies like Salesforce and Twitter, one landlord has been busy turning them away, SF Business Times explains. In the 150,000-square-foot San Francisco Chronicle building at 901 Mission St., developer Forest City has created such a thriving community of entrepreneurs, artists, and innovators - and companies are banging down the door. “If you are confined to your own networks and people you work with on a day-to-day basis — the same group of consumers and the same group of partners — it’s not really going to help you find out what the next big thing is,” said Alexa Arena, visionary of the 5M Project.


New neighbors creating ‘smart communities’

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SF GATE | SF Gate thinks of it as a sort of art-tech progressivism, based on what John M Eger calls Smart Communities - connected (through wireless technology), creative (supporting arts and culture, and collaborative (through civic engagement). A whole set of “smart” “progressive” arts, technology, and entrepreneurial organizations are moving in and remaking the San Francisco Chronicle building in an joint effort between Forest City Development Corporation and The Hearst Corp, owner of the Chronicle.


Brave New Coworking World

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FAST COMPANY | Coworking has evolved beyond spaces to socialize and collaborate into mini networks where entrepreneurs circulate through different work environments depending on the phase and needs of the projects, Fast Company explains. One of the most prominent examples of this is the 5M project in San Francisco and its three inaugural tenants: Hub SoMa (a communal workspace for social entrepreneurs), TechShop (a DIY workshop), and Intersection for the Arts (a not-for-profit arts incubator). “It’s not creating a Starbucks,” says Alexa Arena of Forest City Development, the lead firm on the project. “It’s creating a center of gravity that’s constantly going.”


Creative workspaces for Today’s Growing Businesses

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CH+D OFFICE SPACE | Jack Dorsey’s ‘Square’ - a new technology that allows anyone to accept payments using their personal smart phone - is fast growing. In two years, the company grew from its original 10 staff to a more than 100 employees. This calls for a larger office to match it’s growing workforce and the workplace desires of it’s staff. CH + D shows you the design and architecture by Studio O+A


A new location means a Huge Step Forward

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INTERSECTION FOR THE ARTS | Intersection for the Arts announces that it is continuing its long standing tradition of dynamic evolution and is moving to a new location in Spring 2011. This historic chapter in Intersection’s legendary journey will open unprecedented doors for Bay Area artists and cultural activists and will prompt the design of a new, permanent, state-of-the-art home for Intersection for the Arts and its community. In true Intersection tradition, we are actively acknowledging that the world has changed and we are boldly responding and re-inventing!